Ein gelungenes Fußball-Event mit unseren Maginon-Gadgets!

A successful football event with our Maginon gadgets!

We have been looking forward to it for a long time, but now the time has come:the European Football Championship 2020 has finally started around a year late! We're all looking forward to exciting games, numerous goals and everything else that goes with it. Due to the ongoing corona restrictions, that is Public viewing in public places is currently not possible again, but we think that with the right gadgets , the living room, terrace or garden is in no way inferior!

We have been looking forward to it for a long time, but now the time has come: With around a year delay, the time has finally come European Football Championship 2020 started! We're all looking forward to exciting games, numerous goals and everything else that goes with it. Due to the ongoing corona restrictions, that is public viewing currently not possible again in public places, but we think that with the right gadgets the living room at home, the terrace or the garden is in no way inferior! Here, too, it is wonderful to enjoy the games with family and friends. We have one for you small checklist that contains all the important things you need for one successful football event require:

  • The living room at home, the terrace or the garden
  • A television or projector
  • Beverage cooler and your favorite drinks
  • Music box and your favorite music
  • Fairy lights, solar glass and soccer decorations
  • And of course family and friends


First of all, of course, it should be clarified whether you are inside the own four walls or rather outside, on the Enjoy the games on the terrace or in the garden would like to. The decision on this question is of course also the weather, the available space and mood addicted. It is only important that everyone feels comfortable and has a comfortable seat or standing area from which they can watch the game.

This brings us straight to the next point, which is the device that the games are being streamed on. There is either the option of playing the games classic over the television to pursue, or, if you prefer something bigger, the possibility of Transmission via a projector . This also has the advantage that it is smaller and handier than a television, especially if you have it domestic soccer event want to move outside.

Fußball Europameisterschaft

Cold drinks are provided

So the basics have been clarified so far so good! So now we come to the really important things: The catering . Especially now in summer it is important to drink enough. And so that you don't have to get up and get more drinks while the game is running, we have oursMaginon Beverage cooler GK-1 BS for her. Whether refreshing soft drinks, delicious beer or sparkling champagne - our electric drink cooler lasts All kinds of drinks are pleasantly cool , even on hot summer days or in heated game situations . But that's not all - because the beverage cooler can not only cool, but also Play music and in bright colors and six different modes to shine! So you have an absolute with him All-round talent that creates a good atmosphere at the European Championships.

Party atmosphere through music and light effects

And while we are on the subject of mood, we can of course Music and light not missing. In order to experience a successful afternoon or evening of football that family members and friends will love to remember, we have a few great products on offer that you can use before the game with good ones Music in the mood bring yourself the Driving away at halftime with karaoke and be able to celebrate the victory properly after the game. There would be oursMaginon party loudspeaker PS 15 E than ours Party talent . With him you can not only via bluetooth easily play your favorite music, but through the integrated karaoke function Sing your favorite football songs together with your family members and friends while enjoying the Light effects of the integrated LEDs and let the disco ball inspire you. However, if you want something more Nostalgia in your soccer event but still don't want to do without today's digital possibilities, we can offer you ours Maginon Mini-Jukebox CJB-10 CD recommend . So you can keep your long-forgotten, beloved CDs over the integrated CD player play back or yours Favorite music via bluetooth play. That integrated LED light also provides exciting lighting effects here and thus offers a real one optical highlight . If you would like to make it a bit more classic and calm, ours is oursMaginon turntable HS-T08 ideal for you. With him you can old beloved records play them and, if desired, also via USB stick or SD card convert as MP3. And don't worry, our turntable can keep up with modern devices, because one Music playback via bluetooth is possible, too.

Unique atmosphere through the right decoration

In addition to the food and music, there is of course another important point for a successful football event: The decoration . So that you feel particularly comfortable while playing with your friends and family in your living room, on the terrace or in the garden, one thing should of course not be missing: Fairy lights ! ClassicFairy lights for outside can be found at Maginon with 384, 576 or 720 LEDs . They have eight light modes such as blinking, twinkling or waveform that you can use depending on your mood suitable atmosphere can create. They also have a timer for six hours and a power cord five meters long. In addition to our classic fairy lights, we also have oursMaginon waterfall fairy lightswhere the 480 LEDs in total as a Waterfall in 18 chains fall. This string of lights also comes with a power cord five meters in length. The different fairy lights can of course also be used optimally combine with each other to get a unique atmosphere to accomplish. And last but not least, we would like our brand new one Maginon LED solar glass introduce! This can be done during the day through the integrated solar panel with sun rays or, if the sun hides behind clouds again, through the supplied USB cable charge. When the battery is fully charged, it can take up to 20 hours shine long. It can be placed anywhere inside or outside and filled with individual decorative content as you like it, for example with Decoration in Germany colors or any other country color. There are no limits to creativity!!

So now all the important things for one successful football event have been clarified with family and friends, the only thing missing is: Good mood, motivation and quite cross your fingers for your favorite team !

We wish you a lot of fun with your Soccer event !

Your Maginon team